Winter Golf League Schedule

Format: 2 Man teams playing a 4-ball match play vs. opposing team. Handicaps will be based off the low player for the 9-hole match. Each player will play their own ball using the lowest score on the hole for the team score. A set gimmie radius for putts will be set up at 3ft.

Scoring: Each hole is worth 1 point. The team that wins the match will also receive a bonus point. If match is halved, each team will receive a bonus ½ point. Max point total possible is 10.

Teams: Each team may have up to 4 players on their roster; however only two will play on a given week. This allows for players to have a sub when needed. If you don’t have two players show up for the match the team will forfeit and the opposing team will win all 10 points.

Divisions: Minimum of 8 teams in open and senior division. Maximum of 16 teams in each. First to sign up and provide payment guarantees their spot. Season will be set to start on 12/13/2023, but would be pushed back to potentially give more teams time to get signed up.

Rules of Play: Open division will play the black/blue tees. Seniors will play white tees. Before you start, we will make sure that the courses are set up and ready to go. We will also assist in making sure the players are entered correctly. Once a match is completed, we will come in and record the scores so don’t close out of anything until we get that information.