ParPoints is a revolutionary golf scoring system and companion app designed for every golfer out there. The beginners, the scratch studs, the duffers, the kids, the coaches—if you love getting out to the course, or if you want to learn to love it, ParPoints was made for you. We want you playing golf as often as possible. For novices or youth golfers, that means flattening the learning curve. For pros, that means a fun alternate scoring method to keep the game fresh.

The concept is actually pretty simple: choose a starting spot on each hole, whether that’s a tee box (ahem, designated teeing ground) or not. Your distance to the center of the green determines how many possible points you can score with pars or better. The farther back you start, the more points you can score. It’s your classic risk/reward situation. The app is loaded with over 38,000 courses and powered by GPS, so all you have to worry about is making that par.

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